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In order to ensure that you have a safe stay at Brocks Guest house below are our guidelines.

• After making your reservation, expect a pre-visit health questionnaire to land in your inbox.
This will ask you to confirm you don't have coronavirus symptoms and have not been in contact with those who do

• Appointments to be made before arrival to ensure social distancing

• Temperatures will be remotely taken before entering into the property with your permission.

• keys will be freshly sanitised.

• You will not be required to wear a face mask, although our staff will. Hand sanitiser will be readily available.

• Social distance signs are displayed throughout the property

• Breakfast will need to be ordered the evening before and will be served on a tray left outside of the bedroom

• Staff have been retrained with regards to hygiene requirements

• All rooms will be deep cleaned prior to arrival.


Thank you and we do hope you enjoy your stay with us.

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