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Directions from the M25 / M4

Leave M25 at junction 15 and join M4 signposted. The West Slough. Leave M4 at junction 18 and join A46 signposted,  Bath and Stroud, At roundabout take first exit Signposted Bath. Continue on A46 entering Pennsylvania, at Cold Ashton roundabout take second exit, keep left, then branch left Signposted Bath, Warminster. At roundabout take third exit Signposted A4 Bath. At Cleveland Place continue forward, at mini round about take second exit, at traffic signals turn right into Landsdown Rd, Signposted Landsdown. Turn left into Bennett Street. At the Circus take second exit Brock Street. We are on the right of the Street. 32 Brock Street Bath.

Brocks is situated in a unique location between
the World heritage Royal Crescent and
The Circus (See map below)
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